​​​​​​My Encore Career Vision 

For me, it starts with aspirations. Growing up in the housing projects near downtown Memphis, my dream was to graduate from high school. (Oh yea, high aspirations?) I made it! I had no resources and no family encouragement. So college was out of the question. My mother's prayer was for me to stay off drugs and out of jail. Yes, I made it.

But, as a senior in high school, my home room teacher, told me that I was college material. I believed her! My aspirations changed. I won a 2-year academic scholarship. During my senior year in college, my aspirations changed again. I won a full fellowship to Cornell University Graduate School of Business. By the age of 35, I was a commercial bank president, stockholder and board member. Aspirations are the foundation of prosperity. 

I created JimVisions because the lack of vision - not the lack of sight - has been the greatest challenge of my management career. Now, based on my 40-year, 3-phase career in Memphis, St. Louis, and Atlanta, I know that this lack of vision is a major challenge for thousands of others. Perhaps you are one of them. If so, I invite you to consider the VisionMaster Program.

​Vision is your ability to see with your mind using your God-given power of imagination. It is 1 of the 7 core elements of our prosperity system. We invite and strongly encourage our clients to believe in their natural talents and interests. We ask each client to focus on what is truly important in his or her career, and to align that with life purpose.  

You were born for a specific purpose. You have a specific mission to accomplish. But life has so many distractions, that come in so many forms everyday. So, you must focus to find your purpose. And then, you must use discipline to pursue it. You must get on a pathway, and stay on that pathway. Yes, you will stray. You will go down the wrong path. You may even find yourself in a wilderness. But never despair. We believe that we can be a valuable resource to guide you back, to discover or rediscover that which is truly important to you. This is my encore career vision, that you will prosper.      

Jim Harris, JimVisions President 

Retired Commercial Bank President

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​​​​My Philosophy: Go as far as you can see... When you get there, you can see farther.