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(3 $100 Installments)

Includes 3 1-Hour  Tele-Sessions

​To Create Your 3-Part VisionMaster Vision

The VisionMaster Program is a tele-Session series that enables you to create a clear, comprehensive, compelling career vision that empowers you to prosper. This "VisionMaster Vision" has 3 characteristics. 

​1. It is Clear 

A clear career vision is not vague or fuzzy. It is a striking picture of specific images that represent the key components of prosperity in your work life. Clear vision tele-sessions focus on creating and enhancing these images of prosperity.

2: It is Comprehensive 

A comprehensive vision contains each and every SMART goal that is important in your life. SMART goals are specific measurable, actionable, relevant and time-based. Comprehensive vision tele-sessions focus on establishing these SMART goals.

3: It is Compelling 

A compelling vision is captivating and convincing. It causes you to focus, to believe, and to take action. It empowers you to overcome the fear and doubt that leave you indecisive and uncertain. Compelling vision tele-sessions focus on creating your strategies, designing and planning actions and reviewing/celebrating your breakthroughs.

You schedule tele-sessions as you desire to review your clear vision statement, your comprehensive vision statement, and your compelling vision statement. Each statement is presented to our VisionMaster Success Panel. Each panel member issues points for each presentation. If, after your 3 statements are scored, you have at least 1,000 points, you are declared a "VisionMaster."

Download Free 3-Part VisionMaster Program Guide 

Clear Vision: Images of Prosperity  

Comprehensive Vision: Aspirations and SMART Goals   

Compelling Vision: Breakthroughs, Obstacles and Enemies  


A VisionMaster Is A Professional Who Prospers In His or Her Career

Career Prosperity Is Based On A Clear Vision Of Success