Career Prosperity Strategies

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Achieve Breakthroughs

Overcome Obstacles (Internal and Exterior)

Break Barriers To Prosperity

Activity Validation Period: 3 Weeks

(30-Week Project Period)

Each breakthrough is a higher level of competence that I demonstrate by applying specific skills that are valued in the employment marketplace. as a high school student, as a college student, and as an employee, investor or business owner. I must measure and celebrate each breakthrough as I journey through career life because it nurtures my self-confidence and self-esteem.  

Rubric: 5 Skills Identified


Week One: High School Breakthrough Report 1) Describes the skills needed, 2) Describes the knowledge gained, 3) Identifies the persons with whom you share the breakthrough, 4) Describes how the breakthrough will be celebrated, 5) lists the benefits to career 

Skills must be identified as the skills used to achieve a breakthrough

Each high school breakthrough relates to actions already taken in Phase 5.    

Breakthroughs Practice B: I Review My Areas of Competence Once Each Week

 Based on my Pearl Aspirations Frame, I review everything that I accomplished during the past week.  

Breakthroughs Practice C: I Rate Each Accomplishment

Using the accomplishments rating scale in my brochure, I rate each accomplishment from 1 to 5.

Week Two: Breakthroughs In College

Clear Vision Practice B: I Review My Clear Vision Statement Once Each Week 

I prepare a Clear Vision Review Update once each week that contains the improvements I have made to refine my clear vision.  

Clear Vision Practice C: I Connect To My Concept of Personal Purpose

My feelings of happiness, joy and fulfillment. 

Prosperity Habit 1D: Create a Clear, Compelling Career Vision

I place into this vision a photo or graphic of each aspiration representing how that aspiration will look in my life as the aspiration fulfilled.