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This program enables pearls (registered clients) to grow trees of prosperity.


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About My Career

My extensive 35-year management career includes commercial bank president, developer and manager of a $12 million entrepreneurial development loan fund, general manager of an $8 million beverage distributorship, director of the multi-county Atlanta Minority Business Development Center, and more. I have had the pleasure of advising and coaching hundreds of self-employed men and women.    

My mission is to empower you to prosper in your career, regardless of your age, occupation or industry, by using the growth mindset.   ​ 

About My Encore Career

I seek to become a social entrepreneur specializing in making a difference in the career lives of high school students, college students and adults at-risk, and enabling them to become the best they can be by developing and applying a growth mindset. 

JimVisions, a small business planning firm specializing in startup success, offers Career Prosperity Strategies to guide at-risk, disappointed, dissatisfied aspirational adults to realize new levels and types of career prosperity using various prosperity mindsets. This empowers you to realize greater career prosperity. Clients (those who register)  are called "pearls" because, despite disappointments, frustration, lack of recognition, and misfortune, they never quit. They continue developing new beliefs, better habits, and stronger skills, Free program trials are available for those who register.  Also, pearls receive tele-session discounts.     

Hi, I'm Jim Harris, Prosperity Strategist

Retired Small Business Consultant  

Retired Bank President

MBA, Corporation Finance

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY