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My Prosperity Tree is a program that enables pearls to select an

area of focus to cultivate specific career aspirations.   

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About My Career

My extensive 35-year management career includes commercial bank president, developer and manager of a $12 million entrepreneurial development loan fund, general manager of an $8 million beverage distributorship, director of the multi-county Atlanta Minority Business Development Center, and more. I have had the pleasure of advising and coaching hundreds of self-employed men and women.    

My encore career is focused on empowering aspirational at-risk youth and adults to pursue the career pathways that bring them joy and fulfillment. This is the essence of prosperity.  ​ 

JimVisions is a small business planning firm that specializes in startup success. Career Prosperity Strategies is a brand of JimVisions that enables aspirational adults to pursue and enjoy their natural pathways to prosperity by choosing occupations, jobs, and entire career lives that bring them the lifestyles they desire. Perhaps you are not satisfied with your career life. Perhaps you are even frustrated or disappointed with your level of success. Our clients are called pearls because they have true value is yet not fully realized, recognized or appreciated. We have free trials available for those who register to receive tele-session discounts. No purchase is required. And there is no future obligation to purchase.   

Hi, I'm Jim Harris, Prosperity Strategist

Career Prosperity Strategies 

Retired Small Business Consultant  

Retired Bank President

MBA, Corporation Finance

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY