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Daily Actions Tele-Session (Sample Agenda)

​Session Topic: Taking Steps to Enjoy Breakthroughs


"I Believe That My Daily Actions Produce Breakthroughs"


Daily actions are the steps I take that consume my time, energy, money, emotions and other resources.

 Each action consists of a sequence of steps that I take to achieve a SMART goal. Each step must be evaluated before I decide to take it.   

Over the next 10 weeks I will validate this belief by completing the following activities.

​Resource: Career Prosperity Guidebook

Section 5: Daily Actions - Total Points Available:



Week 1: Senior Year Action One Design Goal 1

​Create step sequence

 NOTE a step is a component of an action that you complete during one day.

​TIP Step sequence is the order in which the steps will be taken.

Week 2 High School Actiity Two

Daily Actions Activity 1: Activity 1 Design a New Clear Vision Statement Once Each Year

 Based on my Pearl Aspirations Frame, I create a detailed, descriptive statement of what each aspiration, when fulfilled, looks like in my life. 

Daily Actions Practice B: I Create an Action Scheule ision Practice B: I Review My Clear Vision Statement Once Each Week 

Using the action scheduling templace, I prepare an action schedule.    

Clear Vision Practice C: I Connect To My Concept of Personal Purpose

My feelings of happiness, joy and fulfillment. 

Prosperity Habit 1D: Create a Clear, Compelling Career Vision

I place into this vision a photo or graphic of each aspiration representing how that aspiration will look in my life as the aspiration fulfilled.