PWP Impact Investors 

PWP impact investors are individuals in targeted metro areas who believe that more effective career counseling in high school can result in transforming job-bound students into college-bound students. They invest money with the expectation of social impact and financial return.   

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You Decide

So, you must decide. Where do you really want to be at the end of your career? This wheel is a valuable tool to help you decide and to get there.   


PWP 7 Key Belief Wheel

The Wheel is an ever-turning career planning and management tool used by pearls that contains the "7 Key Beliefs" that empower pearls to triumph over the 7 enemies of prosperity: doubt, fear, procrastination, uncertainty, misfortune, disappointment and circumstance.  

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Your Mind 

Your career is a journey. Therefore, you need a vehicle. Your mind is that vehicle. It has the capacity to contain everything you will ever need. Therefore, keep feeding it.   


Career Prosperity Strategies

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Who Are Pearls?

Pearls are At-Risk, Low-Income Individuals Certified To Be "Pearl Worthy" Who Belong To The Pearls Who Prosper Career Planning and Management Club.


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What is a Career?

A Persistent, Lifelong, Step-by-Step Journey

Of Breakthroughs To New Levels of Prosperity Year After Year Guided By the 7 Key Belief Wheel.


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Pearls Who Prosper (PWP) Basic Concepts  

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