Career Prosperity Strategies

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Breakthroughs Tele-Session (Sample Agenda)

​Topic: Demontrating Valued Skills In The Marketplace


"I Believe That My Breakthroughs Produce Career Prosperity"

​​Activity Validation Period: 3 Weeks

Each breakthrough is a higher level of competence that I demonstrate by applying specific skills that are valued in the employment marketplace. as a high school student, as a college student, and as an employee, investor or business owner. I must measure and celebrate each breakthrough as I journey through career life because it nurtures my self-confidence and self-esteem.  

Week One: Breakthroughs in High School

Breakthroughs Practice B: I Review My Areas of Competence Once Each Week

 Based on my Pearl Aspirations Frame, I review everything that I accomplished during the past week.  

Breakthroughs Practice C: I Rate Each Accomplishment

Using the accomplishments rating scale in my brochure, I rate each accomplishment from 1 to 5.

Week Two: Breakthroughs In College

Clear Vision Practice B: I Review My Clear Vision Statement Once Each Week 

I prepare a Clear Vision Review Update once each week that contains the improvements I have made to refine my clear vision.  

Clear Vision Practice C: I Connect To My Concept of Personal Purpose

My feelings of happiness, joy and fulfillment. 

Prosperity Habit 1D: Create a Clear, Compelling Career Vision

I place into this vision a photo or graphic of each aspiration representing how that aspiration will look in my life as the aspiration fulfilled.