Career Prosperity Strategies

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What Is a Career Strategist?

Career - The Journey

A career is lifelong. A job is temporary.  

Most of us do not think long term. We do not think career. Instead, we think short term. We think job because we need income to live. So, thinking career becomes a luxury we cannot afford. We are thinking getting the job, doing the job, keeping the job. For most of us, the result is failure to beome the best we can be.   

How Does Our Career Prosperity System Work?

Career vs Job

1. First, we help you decide where you want to go. We do that with 7 doing well domains. A domain is an area of focus where you want to enjoy doing well. We do this with aspirations and vision. 

2. Then, we focus on when you want to become prosperous. We do that with SMART goals and strategies.

3. Then, we focus on jobs (getting jobs, keeping jobs, and moving up the career job ladder).   

The journey is strategic. It requires a plan, a strategy.  Like any journey, your career journey requires a plan. You would not get into your car, or board a plane, before first knowing exactly where you are going, and having a good idea of the route you're going to take, as well as about when you're going to arrive. Your career works just like that!  But we fail to plan!  

Career Prosperity Wheel 

A career strategist is a professional who enables you to create this plan for your career. The focus is on answering 3 basic questions:

1. Precisely, where you want to go? 

2. When do you want to arrive?

3. What is the best route to get you there on time? Or in other words, that jobs are best for you?