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​​​​​​​A tele-session (either 1-Hour or 30-Minutes) is a telephone conversation that delivers time-saving, cost-saving advice and recommendations from a prosperity strategist to resolve a specific career growth issue facing the client.  The client wants to take the right action or make the right decision regarding either a limiting or negative condition or circumstance the client pearl wants to change, or an opportunity the client wants to pursue. 

​​A prosperity strategist is a professional who helps you take steps on the road of becoming the best you can be in career life. You pave this road with dreams you convert into aspirations. You then use the Career Wheel of Prosperity to make continuing progress through 7 phases of growth. The result is plenty of what they need and want, using a prosperity mindset within a structured career domain system.     

​​​​From here, you schedule your session. The menu of session types is organized into categories. Simply select one category and follow the instructions. It's convenient and easy. We send an invoice after the session. Payment is by credit card. You are free to communicate with your prosperity strategist at any time.     


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​​​​You pay nothing up-front. You sign no contract. You are under no obligation. You are free to invest as much or as little as you desire to participate in any of our programs.  You may schedule a tele-session when desired. You may use the green "Let's Talk" button below to select the type of tele-session you want to schedule. We will email you an invoice which you will pay via credit card online. 

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