During this 3-week period, each pearl creates online visual descriptions of aspirations realized. 

Phase 2 contains the sequence of activities that produce clear vision statements. 



"I Believe That My Clear Vision Produces SMART Goals"

Clear vision is the detailed, vivid mental picture of what each aspiration, when realized, looks like in real life. It is created using the skill of imagination before action is taken.   

Resource: PWP Career Prosperity Wheel Guidebook 

Total Points Available:

50 points per clear vision statement

The career clear vision judging panel awards points based on the 5 part rubric. (See Guidebook)      

Clear Vision Week 1 

​CLASSIFICATION: High School Clear Vision

​The vision statement describes in vivid detail how a particular high school aspiration feels when it is realized.  

Up to 50 points for each high school clear vision statement

# of Statements: 1 to 3

Relevance Factors Used By Judges 

The pearl creates a vision statement for a high school aspiration. This is the image in the mind of the  Names of different emotions. Vividness of emotions. Impact on life.  Impact on current relationships, Impact on future opportunities  


1 Sentence Only Per Statement

Submit By Deadline Date For Points

5-Part Rubric (Up To 10 Points Per Part)

1. Relevance To Aspiration, 2. Clarity, 3. , 4. , 5.  

Basic Statement Example

I envision being a high school graduate who has completed __ courses and been accepted by ___ colleges. 

Activity V1 

Activity V2 

Activity V3

Activity V4

Activity V5

Clear Vision Practice E: I Create a Clear Vision Statement For Each High School Aspiration Fulfilled

I prepare a vision statement in my brochure that describes what I imagine, and the emotions I feel regarding each aspiration when it is fulfilled.

Clear Vision Practice F: I create a clear vision statement for each college aspiration fulfilled
Clear Vision Practice G: I create a clear vision statement for each adult work life aspiration fulfilled

Clear Vision Practice H: I Review My Clear Vision Statement Once Each Week 

I prepare a Clear Vision Review Update once each week that contains the improvements I have made to refine my clear vision.  

Clear Vision Practice I: I Connect To My Vision To My Concept of Personal Purpose

My feelings of happiness, joy and fulfillment. 

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Progress Phase 2: Clear Vision

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