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Clear Vision Tele-Session (Sample Agenda)

Topic: Designing a Clear Vision


"I Believe That My Clear Vision Produces SMART Goals"

Watch these videos prior to the session.


A clear vision is the detailed, colorful, vivid image in my mind of what each specific aspiration looks like after I realize it and it materializes in my life. I am the artist. I am the architect. I am the designer. I create the blueprint. I see it complete and finished in my mind.    

Clear Vision Activities

Week One: High School Vision - 100 Points

Clear Vision Activity 1: Attend One Interest Group Session - 30 Points 

I open my PWP brochure and read to myself the above clear vision belief statement at least once each week.

Clear Vision Activity 2: Imagine Each High School Aspiration Fulfilled.

I imagine each high school aspiration fulfilled in detail. It includes the school activities, the courses, the co-curricular experiences, the grades, the relationships, the community involvement, and feelings, either as a video, or as a photo or group of photos.  

Week Two: College Vision - 200 Points

Clear Vision Practice C: I Imagine Each College Aspiration Fulfilled

I imagine each  college aspiration fulfilled

Clear Vision Practice D: I Imagine Each Work Life Aspiration Fulfilled

I imagine each adult work life aspiration fulfilled

Clear Vision Practice E: I Create a Clear Vision Statement For Each High School Aspiration Fulfilled

​I prepare a vision statement in my brochure that describes what I imagine, and the emotions I feel regarding each aspiration when it is fulfilled.

Clear Vision Practice F: I create a clear vision statement for each college aspiration fulfilled
Clear Vision Practice G: I create a clear vision statement for each adult work life aspiration fulfilled

Clear Vision Practice H: I Review My Clear Vision Statement Once Each Week 

I prepare a Clear Vision Review Update once each week that contains the improvements I have made to refine my clear vision.  

Clear Vision Practice I: I Connect To My Vision To My Concept of Personal Purpose

My feelings of happiness, joy and fulfillment.