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Thanks For Participating in our Pearls Who Prosper Career Prosperity Coupon (CPC) Program

CPC enables you to reduce the amount you pay for any tele-session you schedule.

It works like this.  

As a pearl, you have an open invitation to participate in any of our 4 programs. Each program contains tutorials. Each tutorial contains lessons that explain how that program works. Each lesson requires you to submit an email to your prosperity strategist to confirm that you have completed that lesson. A unique coupon number is provided with each lesson. Submit this coupon number with your email.    

As a pearl, you schedule tele-sessions whenever you like using your cell phone, your laptop or desktop from the convenience of any page on this website where you see this form. Regular tele-sessions are 1 hour with a $100 fee. 

On the first of day of each month you will receive an email listing of all coupon numbers you submitted the prior month. Each coupon has a $5 value. All coupons expire on the last day of that month.  


1 Coupon First Tele-Session

2 Coupons Second Tele-Session

4 Coupons Third Tele-Session

For example, let's say that at the beginning of the month you have 7 unused $5 unexpired coupons you will receive discounted invoices as follows:

$95 (1st tele-session) 

$90 (2nd tele-session)

$80 (3rd tele-session)