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Year A 12-month cycle of progress, not just the passing to time, but the active validation of 7 core beliefs. 

NOTE: These beliefs are identified on the Career Prosperity Wheel

Career Prosperity Multiple breakthroughs over a 12-month period, starting with your pearl anniversary month.  

NOTE: To enable you to share your story, we provide the Annual Career Prosperity Expo 

Career Vision - An image you create in your mind that contains multiple career  goals realized, based on whatever you want to attract into your life. 

NOTE 1: To put your vision on paper, we provide a Career Vision Template.

NOTE 2: You may enhance your vision with a graphic display of images of your goals realized. This is called a Career Vision Board (CVB).

NOTE 3: We recommend that you update your career vision at least once each year.

Priority - One of your career hopes, dreams, desires, aspirations that you rate "most important" for you to realize in your career life. 

NOTE: Of course, you change priorities as your circumstances change. But, over time your priorities control your success, not your circumstances. To help you manage this priority management process, we provide a Pearl Aspirations Frame.  

Triple C Vision - Your ideal career vision. It is the list of 10 kinds of things that you want to attract into your career life within the next 12 months.  

NOTE: This vision requires you to set bigger, more challenging SMART goals. To create your ideal career vision, you must register to participate in our VisionMaster Program.

Pearls Who Prosper - Key Words and Phrases Explained 

Career Action Any major activity that consumes your time, energy, money, emotions and other resources. The activity consists of a sequence of steps, and may be completed in one day, or over a series of days.   

NOTE: We provide an Action Planning Guide.

Career - Your career is a lifetime journey from breakthrough to breakthrough to career prosperity. This journey begins in middle school and continues annually through Progress Review Periods until all aspirations have been attained. 

Career Prosperity Strategies

Action History - The series of sequenced actions you have taken over the past 12 months to realize your career vision.

NOTE: We provide an Action History Journal.     

Step  - A single discernable activity you want to take as part of an action.     

Career Strategy - The Course of Action you have selected to achieve career prosperity, based on your evaluation of alternatives.   

NOTE: To enable you to identify and evaluate your alternatives, we provide a Career  Strategy Template.    

Aspiration - Any career hope, dream, desire, ambition that is important enough to you to place on a list of things you want to pursue.   

NOTE: To help you manage each aspiration, we provide a Pearl Aspirations Frame.  

Self-Discipline - The habit (or practice) of doing what is required by the CPP Prosperity Wheel even when your do not feel like doing it. This means completing the practices associated with each of the 7 core beliefs.

​NOTE: To help you better understand this vital concept, we provide the audio book by Brian Tracy, No Excuses, The Power of Self-Discipline 

Practice - The application of one of the 7 core beliefs in your life designed to validate that belief.      

Career Prosperity Wheel The symbol of our CPP that is also used by pearls as a workbook to enjoy career prosperity.    

Extraordinary Career Success - The series of breakthroughs you enjoy year after year during a 5-year period.

NOTE: To incentivize you, we have developed The ECS Challenge.  

Pearl Anniversary Month - The month in which your New Client Request Form is submitted.   

NOTE: To inspire pearls, we create breakthrough storytelling opportunities in our Pearls Who Prosper Career Success Club.

Breakthrough - A breakthrough is a higher level of competence that you measure,  demonstrate and celebrate. It gives you a feeling of personal fulfillment. 

NOTE: To enhance your breakthrough, we provide the Career Prosperity Breakthrough Award.   

Pearl - The name we give to each club member because each member has the capacity to enhance the world. To become a pearl, you must be certified as pearl ready. To learn more CLICK HERE.

Career Success - The realization of a set of SMART goals over a 12-month period that contributes to fulfillment of your personal purpose. 

NOTE: To recognize you, we provide the Career Success Award.  

Career SMART Goal A specific, measureable (using money or points), actionable (using career actions), relevant (based on your personal purpose), time-based (has a deadline date) outcome or result you want to achieve based on your career vision. 

NOTE: To facilitate your goal setting experience, we provide a SMART Goals Template.     

Our PWP career success club uses key words and phrases that have meanings specific to club members. Although these words (such as career, goals, actions) are already familiar to you, the meaning of these words within our club may be different. Please use this wordbook for clarity, insight and understanding.  

Personal Purpose  Your feeling of happiness, joy or fulfillment that is the result of any career action you complete.