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You pay nothing up-front. You sign no contract. You are under no obligation. To guarantee value received, each of our

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You may schedule a tele-session when desired. Use the green "Schedule a Tele-Session" button below to select the type of tele-session you want to schedule. We will email you an invoice which you will pay via credit card online. 



What Is Career Prosperity?


Career prosperity is "fulfillment" in career life. Fulfillment is having plenty of everything you need and desire on the road of becoming the best you can be. We offer 7 domains of prosperity, focus areas that help you to focus on enjoying career prosperity in 7 specific areas of career life.

1) Income Domain (Types, sources, and amounts of income you desire)

2) Wealth Domain (Types of wealth and levels of wealth that provide financial freedom.  

3) Knowledge Domain (Levels of awareness, facts, information, understanding of career success in various companies, industries, and occupations) 

4) Relationships Domain (Levels of influence regarding specific types of career relationships, networks, groups, and associations)

5) Skills Domain (Types of abilities and competencies that you need and seek to develop) 

6) Health Domain (Types of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions) 

7) Spirit Domain (Utilizing the natural gifts, abilities, and talents you possess)  




What Is A Career Prosperity  



A career prosperity strategist is a professional who enables you to create and evaluate courses of action, and then enables you to take the steps needed to complete these courses of action, thereby achieving career prosperity. This is a 7-stage ongoing process: 1) converting dreams into aspirations, 2) converting aspirations into clear and compelling vision, 3) converting vision into SMART goals, 4) converting SMART goals into strategies, 5) converting strategies into daily steps, 6) converting daily steps into breakthroughs, and 7) celebrating new higher levels and types of abundance (plenty of what you need and want to prosper).


What Is a



​​​​​​​​​​​A tele-session (either 1-Hour or 30-Minutes) is a telephone conversation that delivers time-saving, cost-saving advice and recommendations from your prosperity strategist assigned by Jimvisions. This conversation helps you resolve a specific career issue or problem you are facing in your career life. It helps you remove barriers and limitations, both internal (in your mind) and external (in the real world). It helps you create, envision or take action. In addition, It may reveal breakthroughs or solutions.