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Types of Investors

Harris Pratt Pearls Who Prosper is a private foundation that makes $25,000 grants to host high schools to establish youth college scholarship funds at their high schools. Each high school appoints a TAC to administer the scholarship fund, including the Eligibility Program and the College Readiness Program. 

Each fund selects students, called pearls, who are certified as pearls, and therefore have the right to earn scholarship eligibility.  This is based on financial need and student college and career aspirations.

HPPWP forms an area investor network consisting of individuals and organizations sign a 12-month pledge to become sponsors.


Each fund has a sponsor group. The members of the sponsor group review the documents produced by the chapter members and make donations to a particular fund. If 1 of the 15 scholarships in the fund is named, the donations made must fund that scholarship. Otherwise, the donations may be used to fund any of the 15 scholarships in the fund. 


Impact Investors

An impact investor is an individual or organization that purchases

PWP Visionary Impact Investors

(Journey To Prosperity Transformation)

PWP visionary impact investors are former pearls who were at-risk and low-income. Now, having completed the Journey To Prosperity, they have been transformed into confident, committed, conscientious investors who have a vision of the difference they  can make in their communities. They are seeking a financial return on their investments, and a social return that helps to alleviate social problems in their communities.   

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A beneficiary is a high school pearl who has received college scholarship one scholarship and enhancements via promise letter.

Financial Return 

The financial return to an impact investor is generated from the fulfillment of pearl promise letters. The pearl promises to donate to a chapter each year based on the type and level of prosperity that pearl enjoys that year in work life.

This establishes a series of "PWP Donation Years" for that pearl.

Later, during these donation years, the chapter that receives the donations, allocates a percentage of donations received to that impact investor.


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PWP Impact Investor Programs 

PWP High School Chapter Program

This program offers 2 investment opportunities

Scholarship Eligibility Sponsor Opportunity

​Become a sponsor of 1 high school junior pearl and pay the annual activities fee (includes all group activities and all events for the year)  

College Ready Investment Opportunity 

Social Impact 

An impact invesnce in the lives of people. An impact investment is an amount of money donated to a PWP high school college scholarship fund with the expectation of a social and financial return over a number of years, called the return period. 

Global Impact Investor Network 

PWP Scholarship Funds  

The Harris Pratt Board of Directors establishes a $25,000 college scholarship fund at a host high school for the purpose of converting 15 chapter members who are low-income, at-risk students who have no plan to attend college into high aspirational, college bound students who have been accepted by the college of their choice, based on the careers they envision.  

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Types of Investments

Return Period 

The return period is the number of years a prior beneficiary makes social and financial investments based on promise letter specifications.

Through training, skill development, and experience, the impact investor has been transformed from a low-income, at-risk high school student into a prosperous, successful risk taker who believes that the club motto "Enhance The World" means investing money and time to help solve social problems in America - and around the world.