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Your Journey

Four 12-Week Phases

You will journey through 4 phases of growth and improvement in 7 domains of prosperity.  


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Phase 2 - Clarity

12 Weeks

This phase of your journey is about developing a deeper, fuller, better understanding of this person you want to become. Over this 3-month period, you will move from confusion, uncertainty, indecision, and doubt


belief, confidence, hope, purpose, conviction, understanding, and faith.



Phase 4 - Prosperity

12 Weeks

This phase of your journey is about exceeding the wants and needs you have identified in the 7 domains of prosperity. You will move from meeting goals to exceeding goals, from having enough to having plenty in the 7 domains of career prosperity  


A Guide

Not a Guarantee

This program serves as a guide to your increased prosperity. It provides concepts, procedures, tools, advice, and support, but guarantees nothing.  

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Journey To Prosperity Program Guide.

Phase 1 - Fulfillment 

12 Weeks

This phase of your journey is about feeling fulfilled as a result of the measurable progress you have made over the 3-month period. 

You will go from dissatisfaction, disappointment, lack of progress, and feelings of being stuck


fulfillment, progress, and promise.


Journey To Prosperity

Phase 3 - Milestones

12 Weeks

This phase of your journey is about recognizing milestones you have achieved and still want to achieve. Over this 3-month period, you will move from unclear, ambiguous, vague, imprecise, inexplicit goals


specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and time-based goals, and new goal-setting methods.


Journey To Prosperity Program

7 Domains of Prosperity

Career prosperity begins with your definition of career prosperity 12 months from today.

You will identify your wants and needs in 7 focus areas that we call domains.

You will then embark on a 12-month journey to realize these wants and needs.  

But prosperity is much more than simply realizing these wants and needs.

Prosperity is plenty of what you need and want in your career life. 

This is what the Journey To Prosperity Program is all about.



 Four 12-Week Phases Of Growth On The Pathway To Career Prosperity