Lesson 1: Program Overview

Week 1, Day 1

The Journey To Prosperity Program

Stage 1: Fulfillment - 12 Weeks

Move from Frustrations to Fulfillment

Stage 2: Clarity - 12 Weeks

Move from Cloudy Days to Clear Days

Stage 3: Milestones - 12 Weeks

Move from Mud to Milestones

Stage 4: Realization - 12 Weeks

Move from Regret to Realization


Submit an email to your Prosperity Strategist.

Subject: "Stage 1 Fulfillment, Lesson 1 Complete"

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Lesson 2: Career Prosperity Wheel

Week 1, Day 2

Rotate this wheel daily to receive progress points that measure your progress through 7 progress periods. generating progress points in each period that measure your progress each time you submit an email to your Prosperity Strategist. 

2 Actions

Complete the Wheel Tutorial to Learn More

Submit an email to your Prosperity Strategist

Subject: "Stage 1, Fulfillment, Lesson 2 Complete"

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Lesson 3: Career Prosperity: What Is It?

Week 1, Day 3

Career prosperity means that you are "doing well" in specific focus domains, and more specifically in those domain elements that you select to monitor weekly.  

2 Actions 

Complete the Domain Tutorials of interest to you

Submit an email to your Prosperity Strategist 

Subject: "Stage 1, Fulfillment Lesson 3 Complete

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Lesson 4: Your Frustrations

Week 1, Day 4

You are experiencing frustrations in your career.  You feel stuck. You want to move from frustration to fulfillment. You will accomplish that by rotating your wheel. You measure your progress with the progress points you receive. 

2 Actions

Review the Wheel Tutorial (Lesson 2) 

Submit an email to your Prosperity Strategist 

Subject: "Stage 1, Fulfillment Lesson 4 Complete"

$5 Coupon #JPT 1-4 

Lesson 5: Weekly Measurable Progress

Week 1, Day 5

Progress is made and measured by turning your career prosperity wheel each week under the guidance of your prosperity strategist.  You will progress through 7 periods. Starting Week 2, Lesson 5, you will move at your own pace.



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Lesson 5: Program Scoring Panel

Week 1, Day 6

Week 2, Lesson 5: 12-Week Aspirations

Proceed At Your Own Pace This Week

Progress Period 1: Aspirations List : Time Allocation 2 Days or Less

Task 1: List each frustration that you want to eliminate over the 12-week period.

Task 2: Create a list of aspirations that you want to achieve by the end of this stage.


Submit a "Wheel Email" to your Prosperity Strategist.

Subject: "Stage 1 Aspirations Complete" 

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Week 2, Lesson 6: 12-Week Vision

Proceed At Your Own Pace

Progress Period 2: Vision Statement: Time Allocation 2 Days or Less

Create a vision (mental picture) of your career with these frustrations eliminated.


Week 3, Lesson 7: 12-Week Goals

Progress Period 3 Create a list of SMART goals that you need to achieve that will eliminate frustrations.


Lesson 8: 12-Week Strategies

Progress Period 4: 3 Days or Less Talk with Peer Partner.


Lesson 9: Actions

Progress Period 5: Remaining  Weeks Available   Take actions to achieve these goals. Attend Weekly Action Group Workshop Week 3 - Week 11 (Facilitator:  Chapter Host): 

Lesson 10: Breakthroughs 

Progress Period 6: 2 Days or Less

Lesson 11: Prosperity

Progress Period 7: 1 Day  


Lesson 8: $5 Discount Coupons
Lesson 9: Tele-Sessions


Weekly Challenge Guide - 10-Week Actions Period 

​Your Prosperity Strategist will email to you a new challenge each Saturday evening by 7 pm. This will: 1) specify the number of ideas, decisions, and steps for you to complete that week in your domain of choice, and 2) identify group activities to which you are invited.

The number of ideas, decisions and steps will be identified in each of the 7 periods of the wheel.

If you desire, you are free to modify that challenge by Monday morning at 9 am your deadline for replying to the new challenge email.   


Journey To Prosperity Program

Stage 1: Fulfillment -12 Weeks

Online Tutorial - 9 Lessons  

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