Lesson 1: Program Overview

The Journey To Prosperity Program consists of 4 pathways to prosperity. Each pathway contains 12 weeks of individual challenges and group activities using the Career Prosperity Wheel. You begin by using your gift of imagination to envision what you want career prosperity to look like in your life 1 year from now. This is Challenge #1 upon beginning the program,

Action: Submit an email to your prosperity strategist. Subject: "Phase 1 Fulfillment, Lesson 1 Complete" NOTE: This action has a $5 coupon value (See Lesson 8) 

Lesson 2: Career Prosperity What Is It?

The idea of "career prosperity" MUST have real value for you personally. It MUST become more than just a term or an idea that sounds good or interesting to you. You MUST experience an emotional buy-in to the idea. One good way to achieve this is to create your own mental picture of how career prosperity will change your life. (NOTE: Skip this lesson if you have already done so.)

Create Your Vision of Career Prosperity

Action: When you have created your vision, submit an email to your prosperity strategist. Subject: "My Vision of Career Prosperity" NOTE: This action has a $5 coupon value (See Lesson 8) 

Lesson 3: The Fulfillment Pathway

Fulfillment means 1) that you have made weekly progress and 2) that you are happy with the progress you have already made in the domains you have selected. This phase of your journey is designed to establish a pattern of weekly measurable progress, using the career prosperity wheel as the primary tool.  Progress is measured by the points you receive.

2 Actions: 1) Click on the wheel to learn more, and return here when you have completed the wheel tutorial. 2) Submit an email to your prosperity strategist. Subject: "Wheel Tutorial Complete" NOTE: This action has a $5 coupon value (See Lesson 8) 

Lesson 4: Weekly Measurable Progress

Progress is made and measured by turning your career prosperity wheel each week under the guidance of your prosperity strategist.  You will progress through 7 periods. 

During the aspirations period, you will create new aspirations, you will make decisions regarding these aspirations, and you will take steps to convert these aspirations into burning desires.   


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Lesson 5: Your Career Prosperity Mindset

7 Core Beliefs

Action: Recite each of these 7 affirmations each day. Each Saturday, submit a confirmation email to your Prosperity Strategist. (NOTE:  

Aspirations Core Belief:  I believe that aspirations, no matter how large or how small, are the foundation of career prosperity.   
Clear Vision Belief:  I believe that clear vision (the vivid mental picture of my aspirations realized) is essential to the realization of those aspirations.  
SMART Goals Belief: I believe that goals, when they are specific, measurable, practical, relevant to my purpose, and time-based, are essential to realizing my vision.   
Strategies  Belief:  I believe that alternative courses of action must be identified and evaluated, using my gift of reason, before embarking upon any course of action.  This enables me to utilize my abilities and talents effectively.   
Daily Actions Belief:  I believe that step-by-step consistent daily action is essential to realizing career prosperity.    
Breakthroughs Belief:  I believe that I can and will break through all barriers, internal and external, that stand between where I am today and where I want to be on the day I complete this phase.  
Prosperity Belief:  I believe that I will enjoy plenty of all that I need and want in my career life. 

Lesson 6: Individual Challenges and Group Activities

A challenge is a specific personal growth opportunity presented to you by your prosperity strategist for that week, based on your situation at that time. On Saturday of each week, your prosperity strategist will email your challenge to you based on the Weekly Challenge Guide located here.

Action: Read the weekly challenge guide. 

Week 1  (Fulfillment Phase)
Growth Actions & Activities  
Week 2  (Fulfillment Phase)
Growth Actions & Activities
Week 3  (Fulfillment Phase)
Growth Actions & Activities
Week 4  (Fulfillment Phase)
Growth Actions & Activities
Week 5  (Fulfillment Phase)
Growth Actions & Activities
Week 6 (Fulfillment Phase)
Growth Actions & Activities
Week 7 (Fulfillment Phase)
Growth Actions & Activities
Week 8 (Fulfillment Phase)Growth Actions & Activities
Week 9 (Fulfillment Phase)
Growth Actions & Activities
Week 10 (Fulfillment Phase)Growth Actions & Activities
Week 11 (Fulfillment Phase)Growth Actions & Activities
Week 12 (Fulfillment Phase)Bonus Opportunities

Lesson 7: Weekly Discipline

In one or more of the domains you have included in your vision of career prosperity, follow the weekly discipline below

​Day 1: Complete Pre-Actions (Aspirations. Vision, Goals, Strategies)  

Day 2: Take Step-by-Step Actions

Day 3: Take Step-by-Step Actions

Day 4: Take Step-by-Step Actions

Day 5: Take Step-by-Step Actions

Day 6: Take Step-by-Step Actions

Day 7: Complete Post-Actions (Breakthroughs, Prosperity)

Lesson 8: $5 Discount Coupons
Lesson 9: Tele-Sessions


Journey To Prosperity Program 

Pathway 1 Fulfillment Online Tutorial

This tutorial consists of 9 lessons. Please complete all lessons before starting the program. 

Weekly Challenge Guide

​Your Prosperity Strategist will email to you a new challenge each Saturday evening by 7 pm. This will: 1) specify the number of ideas, decisions, and steps for you to complete that week in your domain of choice, and 2) identify group activities to which you are invited.

The number of ideas, decisions and steps will be identified in each of the 7 periods of the wheel.

If you desire, you are free to modify that challenge by Monday morning at 9 am your deadline for replying to the new challenge email.   


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