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Instructions To Create the Aspirations Key

Complete these steps at your own pace. 

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Complete by the end of day 7.

Feel free to submit questions or comments at any time.

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Step Descriptions

Step 1

Think about the purpose,meaning, and value of my career.


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Subject: "Key 1, Step 1 Complete"

Message: Summarize your thoughts about career purpose 

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Step 2

  Think about what a career really is. Review our definition of career.

Prepare your definition of career. Discuss it with your peer partner for ideas.


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Subject: "Key 1, Step 2 Complete"

Message: Summarize your definition of career

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Step 3

Think about what it means to do well in career life.

Review the 7 domains of prosperity. 

Select the domains that you consider essential.


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my prosperity strategist.

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The Aspirations Key Unlocks The Power Of Purpose 

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