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Harris Pratt Pearls Who Prosper USA, Inc.

We are a social enterprise that uses a career planning and management club format to take at-risk, low-income youth out of poverty. The name of the club is Pearls Who Prosper Career Success Club. Club members call themselves pearls because each club member has the capacity to enhance the world. The club motto is "Enhance The World."  

Our 3-Career Stage System

​Stage 1: High School - Stage 2: College  - Stage 3: Work Life

 Our Public Education System Is Leaking

Yes, it needs reform! Yes, it's losing far too many at-risk, low-income, aspirational students. This contributes to the growth of poverty in America. So, let's focus on the lack of counseling resources in high-poverty school districts.

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 The Pearls Who Prosper Career Success Club, managed by Harris Pratt Pearls Who Prosper USA, Inc. 501(c)(3) using the club express software platform, has area youth chapters, college chapters, and work life chapters that empower club members, called pearls, to prosper, starting in high school and continuing through college and work life. Pearls use our 3-stage supervised planning system, called "Journey To Prosperity"  to enjoy types and levels of prosperity each year, ultimately becoming visionary impact investors.  

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Our Mission

The mission of our club is to take at-risk and low-income youth, called pearls, out of poverty by empowering them with a career planning and management system through 3 stages of career life: high school, college and work life.  

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Chapter Hosts 

The club consists of high school chapters hosted by principals, college chapters hosted by college deans, and work life chapters hosted by church pastors. Chapters are marketed and sold to hosts as career planning and management resources that enable pearls to prosper. Job 1 of each chapter host is to certify individuals as pearl worthy.

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Our Vision