Career Prosperity Strategies

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Harris Pratt Pearls Who Prosper USA, Inc.

We are a social enterprise that uses a chapter-based, skill-building networking format to

empower aspirational persons at-risk to prosper.  

 Our Public Education System Is Leaking

Yes, it needs reform! Yes, it's losing far too many at-risk, low-income, aspirational students. This contributes to the growth of poverty in America. So, let's acknowledge the lack of career counseling resources in high-poverty school districts.

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Our Mission

The mission of Pearls Who Prosper is to lift up aspirational at-risk boys and girls, men and women across America, called pearls, empower them with a prosperity mindset, and equip them with the tools and skills they need to prosper in career life.  

Chapter Hosts 

High school principals, college administrators, pastors, and community leaders host chapters to invite those at-risk to benefit from 1-year $10 chapter memberships.

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Our Vision