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7 "Focus" Domains of Prosperity

Many Consultants and Researchers Have Assigned Names To Different Mindsets

There is the fixed mindset, the growth mindset, the scarcity mindset, the money mindset, the poverty mindset, the wealth mindset, and the list goes on.   

What Is A Mindset?

A mindset is the set of beliefs programmed by your experiences since birth into your subconscious mind.

These beliefs control many of your career-related thoughts, ideas, decisions, and actions.  To learn more about your career mindset, simply take a look at your career to date.   

The following short video features

 Dr. Brad Klontz.

He provides an excellent introduction to the poverty mindset. He calls it the

Scarcity Mindset. 

Patrice provides tips on how to train your brain to expect more. Training your brain is one of the keys to prosperity mindset development. 

 Patrice Washington 

Learn about the mindset experience