Your Focus Is: Employer To Employer 

IdWhat Fruit Do You Want This Branch To Bear?  

​7-Phase Cultivation Process 

Current Career Focus (ETE)

Change Employers But Remain In The Same Industry  


Take These Steps




Fruit​ You Seek

Step 1A: Think about your most important aspirations (lifestyle desires), what you 

really want to realize when your transition is complete.

Day 1

Step 1B: Use the update form below to prepare an "Aspirations Statement" that identifies

the aspirations you're thinking about. Submit this to your prosperity strategist.


Mental Image


Step 2A: Create a vivid mental picture of what you want your career to look like

based on your aspiration statement. 

Day 2

Step 2B: Use the update form below to prepare a "Vision Statement" that converts your mental

picture into a compelling, motivational written description. Submit it to your prosperity strategist



Step 3A: Create a set of SMART goals aligned with your vision statement. 
Day 3

Step 3B: Use the update form below to document your goals in a "Goals Statement" and

submit them to your prosperity strategist.



Step 4A: Create 2 (or more) alternative courses of action to achieve each goal.

Identify steps that you have the skills, the resources, and the knowledge to take.  

Days 4 - 7

Step 4B: Rate each step in each course of action

(Use this 5-point scale: 1) skill, 2) resources, 3) knowledge, 4) courage, 5) commitment.

Step 4C: Select the 1 course of action you promise to implement.

Step 4D: Use the update form below to document courses of action, ratings, and selection.

Submit these to your prosperity strategist.



Step 5A: Implement your course of action.

Identify the enemies of prosperity you encounter each day. 


Step 5B: Prepare a "Statement of Progress" each day. Submit to your prosperity strategist.  
 Step 5C: Prepare a "Statement of Commitment" each day. Submit to your prosperity strategist.



Step 6A: Identify each breakthrough achieved when it occurs by level and type. 

Step 6B: Use the update form below to prepare a "Breakthrough Summary" and

submit to your prosperity strategist. 

Victory Day



Step 7A: Identify each aspiration fulfilled. These are the fruits of prosperity. 
Victory Day

Step 7B: Rate the level of fulfillment on a scale of 1 - 10.
Step 7C: Use the update form below to submit your "Fruits of Prosperity Statement


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