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Career Prosperity Strategies

Prosperity Tele-Session (Sample Agenda)

Topic: Measuring and Celebrating Breakthroughs



"I Believe That My Career Prosperity Produces New Aspirations"

Activity Validation Period: 3 Weeks

(30-Week Project Period)

Career prosperity is the happiness and fulfillment that I enjoy with friends and family as a result of the breakthroughs I have demonstrated, measured, and celebrated. Career prosperity is the impact that I make in my community, in my city, in my state and in the world. Therefore, it manifests itself in different ways as I progress along my career journey. 

Over the next 3 weeks, I will validate this belief  by completing the following activities.

​Resource: Career Prosperity Guidebook

Section 7: Prosperity Total Points Available: 700

​The career prosperity judging panel awards points based on rubrics in my guidebook.


Prosperity Activities
Week One: Positive Emotions (200 Points) 

Week Two List the Benefits/ Advantages of Prosperty

​Each of the tro

Week Two: Benefits and Advantages of Doing Well (300 Points)
Week One: Describe Your Emotions Share
Week Three: Celebrate Prosperity
Week Three Celebrating Prosperity (200 Points)

SMART Goals Practice A: I Create a New Clear Vision Statement Once Each Year

 Based on my Pearl Aspirations Frame, I create a detailed, descriptive statement of what each aspiration, when fulfilled, looks like in my life. 

Create New Aspirations

Clear Vision Practice B: I Review My Clear Vision Statement Once Each Week 

I prepare a Clear Vision Review Update once each week that contains the improvements I have made to refine my clear vision.  

Clear Vision Practice C: I Connect To My Concept of Personal Purpose

My feelings of happiness, joy and fulfillment. 

Prosperity Habit 1D: Create a Clear, Compelling Career Vision

I place into this vision a photo or graphic of each aspiration representing how that aspiration will look in my life as the aspiration fulfilled.