Career Prosperity Strategies

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As a Pearl, You Are On a Road To Becoming

The Best You Can Be

Imagine Yourself Traveling This Road

Career is a step-by-step occupational journey of faith on this road to becoming the best you can be

You are traveling this road by faith, equipped with a set of beliefs, a set of gifts, abilities, and talents that empower you to realize your potential to enhance the world.


This Road Features:

1. Career Prosperity Mindset Development

2. Career Prosperity Wheel

3. Programs Providing Online Step-By-Step Guidance

4. Training and Support Tele-Sessions

Your God-given gifts, abilities and talents

Your 5 Gifts Include:

1. Gift of mind (the power to think, to reason, to learn)

2. Gift of emotion (the power to feel something that moves you) 

3. Gift of will (the power to decide) 

4. Gift of imagination (the power to envision, to dream and to create) 

5. Gift of communication (the power to connect with other people)

Your 5 Abilities Include:

1. Ability to get better (to become skilled, to transform, to grow) 

2. Ability to desire (to want, to seek, to pursue) 

3. Ability to act (to move, to change, to adjust, to adapt)

4. Ability to own (to possess, to manage, to invest)

5. Ability to give and receive things of value

Your Talents Are:

Specific abilities that you have the power to refine or develop more easily, and at higher levels, with less practice, than is achievable by others.  

​Pave your road with career aspirations that provide the burning desire which lights your pathway, enabling you to see clearly your future.