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Career Prosperity Strategies

PWP (Pearls Who Prosper) College Scholarship Funds

 3-Year PWP High School Chapter Demonstration Agreement   

The PWP host high school is granted the authority to issue $50,000 in 30 college scholarships each ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 over a 3-year contract period. In exchange the high school principal agrees to implement the PWP Scholarship Eligibility Program, the College Ready Program, and the Journey To Prosperity Program, the 3 programs that comprise the PWP Youth Scholarship Challenge.

Pearl Certification

Chapter membership consists of 15 juniors who are certified at-risk, low-income, and pearl worthy, They are job bound, not college bound. The PWP Youth Scholarship Challenge gives them higher aspirations, new vision, goals and strategies. They become college bound via scholarship eligibility, and 15 seniors seeking to become college ready. Pearls Who Prosper USA obtains a seed money foundation grants to establish the PWP scholarship fund at that high school. 

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Youth pearls, during their first membership year are high school juniors seeking to become  eligible for a PWP college scholarship by participating in our Scholarship Eligibility Program. In their senior year, they are seeking to demonstrate college readiness by participating in our College Ready Program to earn scholarship enhancements.   

High School Principal

The high school principal serves as the official host of the chapter.  

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