the Career Prosperity Mindset

Key #3 - The SMART Goals Belief 

I Believe That SMART Goals, Made Possible By Clear Vision, Empower Me With Focused Determination and Undeniable Commitment To Make Continuous Progress. 

Therefore, I Create Goals That Are Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, Time-Based.


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The Career Prosperity Mindset

Key #5 - The Daily Actions Belief 

I Believe That The Actions I Take, Based On The Strategies I Have Developed, And My Faith In My God-Given Purpose, Empower Me To Enjoy Breakthroughs.

Therefore, I Design Steps In My Mind, and I Take Each  Step Boldly, With Confidence, Despite Obstacles, Barriers, Setbacks, and Disappointments.


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The Career Prosperity Mindset

Key #1 - The Aspirations Belief 

I Believe That My Aspirations, Large and Small, Are The Foundation of My Continuing Growth As I Take Steps On The Road To Becoming The Best I Can Be.   


Therefore, I Am In The Continuous Cycle of Aspirational Development, Thinking Aspirational Thoughts and Creating Aspirational Ideas. Then, I Convert The Best of These Ideas Into Burning Desires.


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The Career Prosperity Mindset

Key #4 - The Strategies Belief 

I Believe That Strategies, Planned Courses of Action To Realize Vision and Achieve Goals, Are Vital To The Effective Use of God-given Gifts, Talents, and The Application of Resources. 


Therefore, I Create Career Plans That Specify The Steps I Should Take, and the Time and Resources I Need.


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The Career Prosperity Mindset

Key #7 - The Prosperity Belief 

I Believe That Career Prosperity Means That I Am Doing Well, That I Have Everything  I Need and Want, And That I Am Using My God-Given Abilities and Talents To Enhance The World.  


Therefore, I Recognize, Share And Celebrate My Unique Story Of Career Prosperity With Others. Because It Will Inspire Them To Keep Dreaming and Believing.


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The Career Prosperity Mindset

Key #6 - The Breakthroughs Belief 

I Believe That Breakthroughs Achieved By Taking Bold Action Represent Limitations I Have Overcome and Significant Progress I Have Made On The Road To Becoming The Best I Can Be.

Therefore, I Acknowledge, List and Share Limitations and Barriers Overcome, Knowing That This Will Encourage Others.  


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The Career Prosperity Mindset

Key #2 - The Clear Vision Belief 

I Believe That Clear Vision, The Vivid, Compelling Mental Picture of My Future Prosperity, Is Essential To Realizing The Prosperity I Desire.


Therefore, I Am In The Continual State of Vision Development, Refining and Enhancing My Mental Picture of The Person I Want To Become, Of The Lifestyle I Want To Live.     


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