Career Prosperity Strategies

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Key 3 - The SMART Goals Key 

I Believe In The Power of SMART Goals That Result From My Career Vision. These Goals Require Me to Focus on  Strategies To Achieve Them.

Therefore, I Create Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant, Time-Based Goals.


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Key 6 - The Breakthroughs Key 

I Believe That Breakthroughs Are Required To Enhance  My Lifestyle.

Therefore, I Record and Acknowledge Each Breakthrough. I Document Each Time I Defeat An Enemy of Prosperity. 

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Key 2 - The Clear Vision Key 

I Believe In The Power of My Imagination to Create a Clear Career Vision Of The Lifestyle I Want To Enjoy (Based On The Level Of Career Success I Want To Enjoy.


Therefore, I Create Clear Vision Statements That Describe Key Components and Specific Elements Of My Desired Lifestyle.  


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Key 7 - The Prosperity Key 

I Believe In The Power of Career Prosperity To Create a Joy-Filled Life Aligned With My Life Purpose. 


Therefore, I Share My Unique Story Of Career Prosperity With Others. I Am Inspired To Dream Bigger.


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 Use Our 7 Keys Program To Prosper 

Our clients use these 7 keys to create new and different levels of career prosperity.

Key 5 - The Daily Actions Key 

I Believe That the Deeds That I Carry Out Each Day Have The Power To Create Breakthroughs.

Therefore, I Design Steps In My Mind, and I Take Each  Step Thoughtfully With My Career SMART Goals In Mind, Despite The Enemies of Prosperity. Learn More.


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Key 1 - The Aspirations Key 

I Believe In The Power of My Career Aspirations To Create a Clear Career Vision.


Therefore, I Create Aspirational Statements That Indicate The Lifestyle I Want To Enjoy.


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Key 4 - The Strategies Key 

I Believe In The Power of Career Planning to Guide and Direct My Actions.


Therefore, I Create Career Plans That Specify The Steps I Should Take, and the Time and Resources I Need.


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The JimVisions Career Prosperity Wheel is the guidance tool we provide free of charge. It enables our clients to progress to new levels and different types of prosperity from year to year.