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Youth Scholarship Challenge - Scholarship Eligibility Program

High School Juniors 

Progress Phase 3: SMART Goals  

Statement of Belief

"I Believe That My SMART Goals Produce Career Strategies"

Activity Validation Period: 3 Weeks

(30-Week Project Period)

SMART goals are the specific, measurable, actionable, relevant and time-based results I want to enjoy by the end of the next 12-month period through high school, through college and through work life. So, I must take each goal through the 5-point SMART goal test.

Over the next 3 weeks I will validate this belief by completing the following activities.

Resource: Career Prosperity Guidebook

Section 3: SMART Goals - Total Points Available: 600

The SMART goals judging panel awards points based on rubrics in my guidebook. 



Week One High School Goals

Specifies the goal for a particular vision in a way that is 1: specific, 2) measurable, 3) achievable, 4) relevant to career success, 5) time-based How well does it pass the smart goal test.

Week One: High School Goals 

Create a SMART goal to be achieved, based on a high school vision, while still in high school. The goal will be converted into a statement. Each goal must be stated in a way that passes the SMART goal test, Each goal must be coded for tracking. 

For example, Goal H1: Graduating from high school does not pass the test. But, graduating from high school with a 3.5 GPA, and ___ courses completed, friendships, and other  specific, measurable, attainable, relevant to your aspirations statement, Goal C1, Goal W1


SMART Goals Activity 1: I Review This Belief Statement At Least Once Each Week

I open my PWP Brochure and read to myself the above SMART goals belief statement.

SMART Goals Practice B: I Convert Each High School Aspiration Into a High School SMART Goal 

Using the goal setting template in my brochure, I document each high school goal. These are the goals I want to accomplish before I graduate from high school.  

SMART Goals Practice C: I Convert Each College Aspiration Into a SMART Goal

SMART Goals Practice D: I Convert Each Adult Work Life Aspiration Into a SMART Goal

SMART Goals Practice E: I Share My Goals With Family, Friends and Teachers By The Deadline Date

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