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Social Enterprise

Jimvisions seeks to create and grow a social enterprise to help resolve the problem of poverty mindset (also known as the poverty mentality) that causes so many Americans to be stuck in poverty and low-income conditions throughout their lives. As a result, thousands upon thousands of us never even identify the prosperity pathway that is open and available to us in America. 

The poverty mindset is the set of subconscious limiting beliefs we learned as babies and infants  


The social enterprise, led by a social entrepreneur, seeks to solve, or alleviate, one or more social problems by founding (or co-founding) a for-profit organization, or a non-profit organization that combines business systems and methods with innovative ideas and strategies that result in measurable positive social change, either locally, regionally, nationally or internationally.

 Thus, the social entrepreneur begins with:

1) PASSION: a burning desire to alleviate a specific social problem (or problems)

2) VISION: a compelling mental picture of the change he or she wants to see in the world 

3) A STORY: a story of the impact that he or she wants to make in the lives of those served 

4) LEADERSHIP: basic leadership skills that are required to engage managers who operate the systems and processes that convert the vision into impact.    

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