​​Strategies Tele-Session (Sample Agenda)

​Topic: Planning Action Sequences


"I Believe That My Career Strategies Produce Daily Actions"

​Activity Validation Period 

A career strategy is the action sequence that I plan and organize in my mind to achieve a SMART goal. I do this before I take action because it is wise to plan, to seek advice, to listen to voices of experience, before doing. This enables me to breakdown each goal into an action sequence. 

Over the next 5 weeks I will validate this belief  by completing the following activities.

Resource: Career Prosperity Guidebook

Section 4: Strategies - Total Points Available: 1,000

The strategies judging panel awards points based on rubrics in my guidebook.   

Strategy Development Activities

Week One Strategies For High School Goals

Career Strategies Activity 1: Attend Strategy Interest Group Session:

Career Strategies Activity 2: Document Options 

Based on my Pearl Aspirations Frame, I create a detailed, descriptive statement of what each aspiration, when fulfilled, looks like in my life. 

Career Strategies Activity 3: Document Resources

Career Strategies Activity 4: Evaluate Relationships

Career Strategies Activity 5: Evaluate Skills

Week Two Strategies For College Goals

Career Strategies Practice F: I evaluate my knowledge

Career Strategies Practice G: I discuss my evaluations with

Career Strategies Practice H: I create a sequence of actions on paper

​Week Three: Strategies For Work Life Goals

Career Strategies Practice I: I discuss each sequence with 

Career Prosperity Strategies

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