Career Prosperity Strategies

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Regional Vice President 

The regional general manager, after five years of regional growth and success, qualifies for promotion to the position of regional vice president in charge of the annual regional expo. 

PWP Regional Expo, Day 1 

"Regional Chapters of the Year" Award


On this day, the top scoring youth chapter, college chapter and work life chapter from each area in the region compete for these titles.

Regional Youth Chapter of the Year

Regional College Chapter of the Year

Regional Work Life Chapter of the Year 

Chapter skill demonstrations

(Each chapter forms 5 teams, each consisting of 3 chapter members. Each team participates in 3 rounds of competition. 

Round 1: Career Prosperity Roadmap Displays

Round 2: Story Demonstrations

Round 3: Personal Interviews

During each round, celebrity judges participating on 3-member scoring panels, score the pearls individually. The individual scores are added to create a chapter total score for each round. The youth chapter with the highest total score is the regional youth chapter of the Year. The college chapter with the highest total score is the college chapter of the year. The work life chapter with the highest total score is the work life chapter of the year.

These 3 chapters move on the national expo to represent the region at the national expo.

PWP Regional Awards Expo, Day 2

"Regional Youth Pearl of the Year" Award

​Each region elects 3 officers from the area delegates to the region.