2. Customer Validation Lead 

Schedules and conducts the "Chapter Orientation Program" with Early Adopters

Schedules and conducts Teacher Advisor Orientation Session

Introduces Minimum Viable Products as they are released by the team.

Supervises the testing of Minimum Viable Products by Teacher Advisors and Early Adopters he school when Customer Discovery is complete. After orientation, test sessions are scheduled and conducted over a 1-year period to test hypotheses, collect data, and develop insights that result in a high school chapter prototype for that metro area.   

PWP Customer Validation Team

We offer 1-year research internships to college students in various metro areas across the USA. In each area, this 5-member team of "Customer Validation Researchers" implements and manages our 3-stage customer validation process using Steve Blank's lean startup model. The primary objective of each customer validation team, working under the direction of a company founder, is to take that startup from business model search mode to business model execution mode over a 12-month period by validating a set of beliefs and assumptions about customer unmet needs.   


5-Year Consulting Contracts 

Each member of the team who completes the project through launch is eligible for a 5-year contract to help implement the social enterprise business plan. 

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1. Customer Discovery Lead 

Makes first contact with school district administrators to schedule and conduct the "Introductory School District Presentation" to get buy-in endorsements.

Makes a list of candidates for High School Prototype Chapter Host.

Makes first contact with the School Principal to schedule "Introductory School Principal Presentation" to obtain a "Prototype Chapter Host."

Creates the following: 1) draft chapter manual, 2)teacher advisor guide, 3) program guide, 4) sample personal prosperity plan, 5) scholarship fund policy manual, and 6) 7-Key Belief Wheel as presentation tools to persuade the high school principal to become the "Prototype High School." 

Establishes prototype college scholarship fund policy manual.

Helps recruit teacher advisors.

Helps recruit Students, called "Early Adopters"

Introduces Minimum Viable Products released by team and test new features and win scholarships. 


5. Company Building Lead 

The Company Building Lead identifies prospective civic leaders and company executives that may endorse the idea, and consider sponsorship proposals for the Prototype High School. The goal is to establish the Community Support Network. 

Career Prosperity Strategies

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4. Customer Creation Lead

The Customer Creation Lead plans and implements marketing and promotional campaigns that include introducing the chapter to other to other school principals to obtain letters of intent, which are sued to pursue scholarship grants from private foundations.  

3. Experiment Design Lead 

​​Schedules and conducts team discussion sessions that create or modify the guesses made by the company founder  for each market segment.

Designs experiments to be conducted by the team that enable the team to test each guess made by the company founder.