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Daily Actions Tele-Session 

30 Minutes - $50        60 Minutes  - $100 

The actions you take each day play a key role in your journey to career prosperity. Use our Career Prosperity Wheel Challenge to implement strategies that rotate your wheel.  


DESIRED OUTCOME: You will implement an array of specific actions focused on achieving identified SMART goals that represent career breakthroughs. To learn more, CLICK HERE   

Strategies Tele-Session 

30 Minutes - $50         60 Minutes - $100 

Strategies, the action alternatives and plans that you document and research before taking action, play a key role in your journey to career prosperity. Use our Career Prosperity Wheel Challenge to create strategies that rotate the wheel.


DESIRED OUTCOME: You will create more detailed strategies that enable you to take more effective, highly productive actions. To learn more, CLICK HERE.     

What Is a Tele-Session?

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SMART Goals Tele-Session 

30 Minutes - $50        60 Minutes - $100  

A SMART goal is a goal that is specific, measurable, actionable and attainable, relevant to your purpose, and time-based. A goal-setting system based on SMART goals is vital to success.


OUTCOMES: You will create new more effective goals that meet the SMART goal test. This will enable you to rotate your wheel.  To learn more, CLICK HERE.

Aspirations Tele-Session

30 Minutes - $50          60 Minutes - $100 

An aspiration is a dream or desire that a pearl wants to convert into a burning desire. This is a process. Burning desire requires a conscious definite purpose and an inner longing to achieve it.  


OUTCOMES: Deeper insights regarding what you truly want, a better understanding of the process and the importance of aspirations, and their role in your career life. To learn more, CLICK HERE.       

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30 Minutes - $50         60 Minutes - $100  

Prosperity (that is, doing well in an extraordinary way, plays a key role in your career journey. It is your ultimate outcome. Use our Career Prosperity Wheel Challenge to enjoy prosperity. 


DESIRED OUTCOME: You will be able to enjoy the benefits of prosperity each year in your career. To learn more, CLICK HERE

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What Is a Strategist?

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Breakthroughs Tele-Session

30 Minutes - $50          60 Minutes - $100 

Breakthroughs play a key role in your journey to career prosperity. Use our Career Prosperity Wheel Challenge to enjoy breakthroughs that represent new levels of competency.   


DESIRED OUTCOME: You will enjoy breakthroughs in your career that represent overcoming self-limiting beliefs and breaking through external & internal mental barriers. To learn more, CLICK HERE   

Clear Vision Tele-Session 

30 Minutes - $50        60 Minutes - $100

Clear vision is a vivid mental image (picture) of who you want to become, what you want to accomplish, and the lifestyle you want to live. You must use your power of imagination.   


OUTCOMES:  Increased motivation, clarity of purpose, recognition of your creative abilities and power of imagination, and the ability to use your creative gifts. To learn more. CLICK HERE.