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If the client has a coupon, that coupon number must be provided when the tele-session is scheduled.   

Grace Period    

The grace period for each scheduled tele-session is 15 minutes. If the client fails to make the call, or the strategist fails to answer or return the call within this grace period, it is defined as a no-show.   


A sponsor is any organization or individual who pays for the session, or who pays a percentage of the session fee, based on a sponsor agreement.  

Client No-Shows   

A client no show is the failure by the client to make a telephone call on the date and at the time scheduled, within a 15-minute grace period.  

Tele-Session Fees

The fee for each tele-session type is provided to the client when the tele-session is scheduled.  

Strategist No-Shows   

A strategist no show is the failure by the strategist to answer a call made by a client for a scheduled tele-session, within a 15-minute grace period.  

Tele-Session Scheduling  

Each tele-session is scheduled by the client via the Internet using a phone, desktop, laptop computer or other Internet-connected device. The client is required to schedule the appointment, and to call the coach in a timely manner to initiate each tele-session scheduled.  

Credit Card Payments 

After the appointment is scheduled and before the start of the tele-session, an invoice is delivered via email to the client. The client is expected to pay the invoice online via credit card before the start of the session. If the client makes the call to start the scheduled tele-session prior to paying the invoice, the session is cancelled. If the client has a sponsor, no invoice is delivered to the client. If the client has a coupon, the invoice amount will be reduced to reflect the coupon value.     

Career Strategists 

A career strategist is a professional who focuses on strategy development and implementation. A strategy is a plan that features vision, goals, action planning and assessment, breakthroughs, job change and occupational change. 


A client is any adult who schedules one or more tele-sessions. Clients who participate in our Pearls Who Prosper Program are called pearls.   

Tele-Session Types

There are several types of tele-sessions. Each type is based on the current priority of the client. The client is required to select a tele-session type when the tele-session is scheduled.    

Tele-Session Defined  

A tele-session is either a 30-minute or a 60-minute, candid, 1-on-1 discussion led by a career strategist who has a sincere desire to see the client achieve breakthrough after breakthrough in career life. succeed. With the permission of the client, any tele-session may be recorded. All recordings are the exclusive property of JimVisions, Inc.        

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