Client Obligations    

Client agrees to perform the obligations, duties and responsibilities set forth herein.         


Any tele-session may be recorded, but only after the client has given permission to the strategist to record that particular tele-session. All recordings are the exclusive property of JimVisions, Inc.        

Tele-Session Fees

The fee for each tele-session type is provided to the client when the tele-session is scheduled via invoice, Client agrees to pay each invoice in full when due via credit card.  

Credit Card Payments 

After the appointment is scheduled and before the start of the tele-session, an invoice is delivered via email to the client. The client is expected to pay the invoice online via credit card before the start of the session. If the client makes the call to start the scheduled tele-session prior to paying the invoice, the session is cancelled. If the client has a sponsor, no invoice is delivered to the client.      

Terms of Service

Call Us: (901) 634-8122


A sponsor is any organization or individual who pays for the session, or who pays a percentage of the session fee, based on a sponsor agreement.  


Each client is a member of the Pearls Who Prosper Career Club.         


Each tele-session is a service provided by Jimvisions, Inc to clients only. This service takes the form of a 1-on-1 phone discussion between the client and a career strategist selected by the client for a specific purpose with a specific desired outcome, consistent with the service description.        

Career Prosperity Strategies

Grace Period / No Shows   

The grace period for each scheduled tele-session is 15 minutes. If the client fails to make the call, or the strategist fails to answer or return the call within this grace period, it is defined as a no-show.   

Tele-Session Scheduling  

Scheduling a tele-session is the responsibility of the client via the Pearls Who Prosper website. The client is required to request the appointment from the Pearls Who Prosper website. The request must include a specific date and time,   

Career Strategists 

A career strategist is a professional provided by Jimvisions, Inc. who focuses on the purpose provided by the client, and the desired outcome provided by the client, consistent with the service description. The strategist who accepts and confirms the appointment date and time, guarantees "best efforts" to realize the desired outcome.