Measure The Strength and Fruit-Producing Capability Of Your Health Tree of Prosperity  

12 Weeks - 12 Challenges  

1 challenge each week of your 12-week membership period

12-Week Membership Purpose 

Grow your health tree of prosperity in your Health Domain.

Your tree should yield plenty of the health fruit that you want to enjoy for the remainder of your career life.     



Health Challenge Introduction 

Health prosperity beliefs are a function of my health belief mindset. The following are my 7 core beliefs that comprise my health belief mindset.

1. Health Aspirations Belief

The health tree challenge measures the strength and fruit-producing capability of your health tree of prosperity. Strength is a function of your aspirations and vision. Fruit producing capability is a function of your strategies and SMART goals. Update, expand or improve the core health tree aspirations belief. 

Part 1: My Health Belief Mindset.  

My health belief mindset (core beliefs about my health prosperity) functions to nourish my health tree. The strength and capability of your health tree will depend on the number of branches and the size of the branches you create and grow in your tree. Your health SMART goals function as the branches. The strength of each branch (goal) depends on the aspirations and vision that comprise each SMART goal.

Part 2: The Fruit of Your Health Tree

The breakthroughs that result from the actions you take are the fruit you will enjoy over time as you continue to pursue new more challenging health goals.   

Part 3: Your 3-Member Scoring Panel

You will produce 1 report each week, and upload it to your scoring panel. You are assigned a 30member scoring panel. Each member of your scoring panel will score each activity from 1 (low) to 5 (high) based on an activity report that you upload to your prosperity strategist.  UPLOAD HERE

Part 5: Career Prosperity Wheel

​Learn more about the Career Prosperity Wheel. Use this wheel each week to measure your progress. 


Challenge Week 1: Health Tree Aspirations  

Your challenge this week is to update, expand or improve the core health aspirations belief set forth in the health domain.    

Activity 1: Peer Partner Health Aspirations Belief Discussion. Engage in a peer partner discussion to identify ways to update, expand or improve your beliefs about the role and value of your health aspirations. What are your health dreams. How healthy do you really want to be? What key elements of your health do you want to track? What elements do you want to improve? How satisfied are you with your health insurance? How satisfied are you with your primary care physician? What bad habits do you need to break? What practices do you want to improve?

Activity 2: Online Self Directed Search. Complete the self-directed search.Click Here to visit the page. The dual purpose of this activity is to identify your personality type and to identify the best-suited occupational options and connect your physical, mental and emotional health to your new occupational aspirations.  

Activity 3: Create Your Health Aspirations Belief Enhancements List. Identify how healthy you are today, and how healthy you really want to become physically, mentally, and emotionally. Use our scale 

Belief Update Report: Create a report and upload it to your online document file for review by your scoring panel.  


 Submit an email to your Prosperity Strategist.

Subject: "Challenge 1"

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Lesson 2: Week 2 - Health Tree Vision

Your challenge is to create a new health vision. 

Activity 1: Peer Partner Health Vision Discussion - Your health tree is the set of health aspirations, the health vision, the health SMART goals, the health strategies you create to improve your physical, mental and emotional health. The symbol your ability to produce healthier outcomes during the 12-month, 50-week growth cycle using your Career Prosperity Wheel to measure outcomes. 

Activity 2: Career Vision Research. Watch 3 Videos. Click Here

Activity 3: Prepare a Career Vision Statement


2 Actions 

Submit an email to your Prosperity Strategist.

Subject: "Lesson 2 Health Tree of Prosperity Complete"

Message: Summarize what you learned this lesson

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Lesson 3: Week 3 - Health Tree SMART Goals 

Your health SMART goals are the branches of your health tree. Each goal has a strategy. Each strategy consists of a set of actions. Each action consists of a series of steps.  

Activity 1: Peer Partner SMART Goals Discussion

Activity 2: SMART Goal Research. Watch 3 videos. Click Here

Activity 2: Create a Health SMART Goals List 


Submit an email to your Prosperity Strategist.

Subject: "Lesson 3 Health Tree Branches Complete"

Message: Summarize what you learned this lesson.

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Lesson 4: Week 4 - Health Tree 6-Week Strategies 

Mindsets are the primary elements of the growth environment for your health tree seeds. You must plant aspirational seeds in the right mindset environment of faith, by implanting positive beliefs using health affirmations. Or the seeds will not germinate. Instead, they will wither and die.

2 Actions

Review the Mindsets Page on this website.

Submit EMAIL 1 to your Prosperity Strategist.

Subject: "Mindsets Page Review Complete"

Message: Summarize what you learned about mindsets

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Submit EMAIL 2 to your Prosperity Strategist.

Subject: "Lesson 4 Mindsets Complete"

​Message: Summarize what you learned this lesson

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Lesson 5: Health Tree Actions Weeks 5 - 10

You have six weeks to complete the steps. Each step is scored on a point scale of 1 to 5 by each member of your scoring panel. 

Start Program 

Season 1 Overview: Aspirations Progress Period 

(Up To 1 Week)

A health aspiration is a dream in work clothes. A dream is a positive thought that lives in your awareness. Ideally, it is active daily. It is a thought of something you want to become, to achieve, to feel, to enjoy, to own, or to do as it relates to your health. Requirement:Identify a specific dream that you want to develop into an aspiration. That dream is the seed you want to sow.

You convert this dream into an aspiration by taking the first step. This is how you sow. If you have already taken the first step, that dream is already an aspiration. Your dream is starting to germinate. If you have not, now is the time to do so. Requirement:Take the first step.

You MUST develop that aspiration into a compelling burning desire in this season of aspiration. Proceed through this period at your own pace. Write. Discuss. Share, Display. Think. But, you are expected to complete it not more than 1 week.  

3 Actions

1) Upload a document 

A statement of the step(s) you have taken

Use the upload form.

2) Submit an email to your Prosperity Strategist.

Subject: "Season 1 Aspirations Complete"

$5 Coupon #HT5

3) Recite Aspiration Affirmation Daily

​Find in Health Domain

Session 2: Clear Vision Progress Period

(Up To 2 Weeks)

Clear vision is a vivid mental image of your aspiration actualized. First, you must create the initial image in your mind.

You must continue thinking about this initial image to add details. Your vision should become more vivid. Continue thinking about it. Discuss it with your peer partner.  


Season 3: SMART Goals Progress Period

(Up To 2 Weeks) 

A SMART goal is a goal that is specific,

Season 4: Strategies Progress Period

(Up To 3 Weeks)


Season 5: Daily Actions Progress Period

(Up To 40 Weeks)

Fruit Development Period 1

Weekly Action Plans

Daily Belief Affirmations

Daily Goals To Complete 

Daily Decisions To Make

Daily Steps To Take

Daily Opportunities to Pursue

Daily Distractions To Manage

Daily Review To Reflect, Refresh, and Set Goals

Relationships To Cultivate

Lesson 10: Career Prosperity Wheel

(Season 6: Breakthroughs - 1 Week)

Lesson 11: Career Prosperity Wheel

Season 7: Prosperity -1 Week

Your  Health Tree Challenge 

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