Health Tree of Prosperity Tutorial 1

6 Lessons To Be Learned

Trees of Prosperity

Concept Described


Mindset, Growth Mindset

and Healthy Growth Mindset Described


Health Tree of Prosperity



Fruit Explained


Tree Branches Explained


Seeds Explained

This tutorial defines terms, explains concepts and identifies actions you as client are expected to take. 

Growth and Strength

Lesson 1: Trees of Prosperity Concept

The trees of prosperity program uses 7 trees to symbolize domains of career prosperity.

A domain is a distinct measurable area of growth managed by your growth mindset.

A growth mindset is a set of positive beliefs that you possess the ability to improve at anything.


The health tree symbolizes the health domain.

Health prosperity, of course, is essential to career prosperity.

 You as the client are responsible for growing this tree.

ACTION EXPECTED: Measure its growth weekly.

The growth of this tree represents progress toward health prosperity goals in your work life.  

Growth is a measure of strength because strength is needed to persist through disappointments and setbacks,

This also requires the ability and determination to produce the outcomes you desire. 

Lesson 2: Health Tree of Prosperity

Your health tree of prosperity symbolizes career prosperity from the health perspective.

This includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

 Like the orange tree, growth is measured in the number branches and the fruit the branches produce.  

Lesson 3: Tree Branches

The branches of your health tree of prosperity represent your skills.

Skills are organized into skill groups. Each branch consists of one skills group.

If the skills in one skills group are inadequate or insufficient, that branch will not produce fruit.

will not result in the prosperity you seek, This program has identified a wide variety of skill groups to facilitate the identification of skills. First, you must identify the skills you want and need to develop. using your health growth mindset.  

Lesson 4: Mindsets

The 3 relevant growth mindsets are described in the white mindset boxes. You must conduct a personal survey of these mindsets to determine if they contain the positive beliefs you need. If you find too many negative beliefs, you must take action to substitute them with positive beliefs. 

Lesson 5: Fruit

Each branch produces fruit. The fruit represents your outcomes.

Your level of health prosperity is a function of the fruit your health tree has produced.

Lesson 6: Seeds of Promise

The fruit contains seeds of promise. These are your dreams.

to the that is reproductive. If you are not producing reproductive fruit The fruit represents the outcomes of your work. This includes your physical activity and mental activity. In work life, these outcomes are often disappointing and do not provide you with enough of what you need and want. This type of fruit is not reproductive. That is, it does not contain the fertile seeds of hope and promise.

Fruit represents the outcomes already produced. Seeds of hope and promise represent anticipated outcomes or fruit to be cultivated. Within each outcome achieved lies the beginnings of outcomes yet to be achieved. This is the cycle of development that leads to greater and greater prosperity. 


7 Phase Seed Cultivation Process

Phase 1 - Week 1

​Health Aspirations

Identify dreams that you

want to convert into aspirations​​

Phase 2 - Week 2

Health Vision

Convert aspirations into compelling mental pictures 

of the health conditions you desire

Phase 3 - Week 3

Health Goals

Turn Into Goals

Phase 4 - Week 4 

Health Strategies

Develop a step by step strategy for each goal

Phase 5 - Weeks 5 - 14

Health Actions

Take actions identified the strategies

Phase 6 - Week 15

Health Breakthroughs

Produces Seeds of Progress

Phase 7 - Week 16


Produces Seeds of Actualization and Fulfillment

​Awards Luncheon

Aspirations Phase

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To Take Steps Create Your Health Aspirations 

The Health Tree of Prosperity


The set of subconscious beliefs, positive and negative, formed from your experiences that shape your attitudes and govern your thoughts and actions. 

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The set of subconscious positive beliefs formed from your experiences that shape your attitudes and govern your thoughts and actions. 

Healthy Growth


The set of subconscious positive beliefs relating to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health formed from your experiences that shape your attitudes and govern your thoughts and actions. 

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