Week 1 - Health Aspirations



Step 1

Physical Health Aspirations

Create a List of Physical Health Aspirations.

Step 2


Mental Health Aspirations  

Create a List of Mental Health Aspirations

Step 3

Emotional Health Aspirations  

our prosperity strategist.

Step 4

Revise Your List, Make a Second List of Your Physical Health Aspirations 

Step 5

Identify New Habits and New Beliefs Needed

rity strategist.  

Step 6

Conduct a Final Review of Health Aspirations List, Revise as Desired 

ubmit to your prosperity strategist. 

Step 7

Deliver Final Physical Health Aspirations List To Your Prosperity Strategist 
 a scale of 1 - 10.

Take The Following Steps 

What Habits and Skills Do You Need To Create or Develop?  

​Your Health Growth Weekly Process 

Core Beliefs About Your Health

Physical - Emotional - Mental - Spiritual  

Grow The Aspirations Branch of Your Health Tree

​To Prosper 

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