Knowledge Tree of Prosperity Online Tutorial


This tutorial contains an introduction and 12 lessons. Each lesson explains weekly activities in which you participate during your 12-week membership period. The goal of this membership is to develop a knowledge tree of prosperity that yields plenty of fruit that you will enjoy year after year during the remainder of your career life.   




The health tree that you will develop is based on a set of 7 core beliefs about becoming healthier. The capability of the health tree that you develop over the next 12 weeks will depend on the number of branches and the size of the branches you create in your tree. Your health goals function as the branches that produce the fruit (ie., the outcomes you desire). And it is the fruit that you want to enjoy each and every year.  

Part 1: The 7 Core Beliefs

Beliefs are what you perceive as true. More specifically, as it relates to your PFL membership and the health domain in which you are now, a belief is a statement that you agree to affirm daily as being true during your 12-week activity period. These core beliefs pertain to my physical, mental and emotional health.

Belief #1: I believe that I will become healthier by creating a set of new health aspirations each week. 

Belief #2: I believe that I will become healthier by creating a health vision and updating my health vision weekly.

Belief #3: I believe that I will become healthier by creating a set of new SMART health goals that produce the outcomes I desire.

Belief #4: I believe that I will become healthier by creating a health strategy for achieving each SMART health goal

Belief #5: I believe that I will become healthier by taking steps to implement each health strategy.

Belief #6: I believe that I will become healthier by enjoying health breakthroughs that overcome barriers.

Belief #7: I believe that I have the capability to remain physically, mentally and emotionally healthy throughout my career life by upgrading my health aspirations each year.   

Lesson 1: Week 1 

Health Tree of Prosperity

A Resource For Enjoying Improved Health

Your health tree is a set of beliefs regarding your health that empower you to enjoy health prosperity produce the fruits of career prosperity. Your growth is evidenced by the fruits produced over the upcoming 12 months by each of your trees.

Many Branches - Each tree has branches. Each branch produces fruit according to the 12-month growth cycle of the program.


7 Seasonal Periods - 50 Weeks

Season 1: Aspirations - Cultivate Your Dreams 

Season 2: Clear Vision - Develop a Vivid Mental Picture of Prosperity

Season 3: SMART Goals - Establish specific, relevant, time-based goals

Season 4: Strategies - Create alternative courses of action

Season 5: Daily Actions - Take intentional steps daily.

Season 6: Breakthroughs - Overcome limits and break barriers

Season 7: Prosperity - Celebrate victories

7 Fruit Classifications

Your fruits are classified, of course, based on the tree that produces them.

     1. Health Fruits (Your health outcomes based on growth measured weekly)

     2. Knowledge Fruits (Your knowledge outcomes based on growth measured weekly)

     3. Belief Fruits (Your belief outcomes based on growth measured weekly)

     4. Skill Fruits (Your skill outcomes based on growth measured weekly) 

     5. Money Fruits (Your money outcomes based on growth weekly) 

     6. Relationship Fruits (Your relationship outcomes based on growth measured weekly)

     7. Spirit Fruits (Your spirit outcomes based on growth measured weekly)


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Message: Summarize what you learned this lesson.   

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Lesson 2: The Growth Cycle - 7 Seasons

Your Health Tree - Your health tree is the set of health aspirations, the health vision, the health SMART goals, the health strategies you create to improve your physical, mental and emotional health. The symbol your ability to produce healthier outcomes during the 12-month, 50-week growth cycle using your
Career Prosperity Wheel to measure outcomes. 

Week 1: Health Aspirations  - Cultivate Your Health Dreams 

You begin with a seed. That seed is a career health dream. You plant that seed in an environment of faith by taking Step 1. This environment is a healthy growth mindset containing positive subconscious beliefs that you implant with health affirmations from your conscious mind. This converts that dream into an aspiration.

Fruit = Outcomes = Health Aspirations 

Season 2: Clear Vision (2 Weeks) - Develop a Vivid Mental Picture of Health Prosperity

You develop that aspiration into a vivid mental picture of that health aspiration actualized. This picture contains images in your mind that are not fuzzy or hazy. Think about these images daily to create a "burning desire".

Fruit = Outcomes = Clear Health Images In Your Health Vision + Burning Desire

Season 3: SMART Goals (2 Weeks) - Establish Specific, Relevant, Time-based Goals

You develop that vision to convert it into a set of SMART goals. Write those goals on paper to create a SMART goals statement. 

Fruit = Outcomes = Health SMART Goals

Season 4: Strategies (3 Weeks) - Create Alternative Courses of Action

You develop those goals into alternative pathways to realize your vision. Document these pathways using a series of steps you are going to take once you select the best pathway. 

Fruit = Outcomes = Health Strategies

Season 5: Daily Actions (40 Weeks - 4 10-Week Phases) 

You transform those strategies into 1 best course of action that you can complete in 40 weeks (4 10-week fruit development periods).

Fruit Development Period 1 (10 weeks of growth outcomes) 

Fruit Development Period 2 (10 weeks of growth outcomes)

Fruit Development Period 3 (10 weeks of growth outcomes)

Fruit Development Period 4 (10 weeks of growth outcomes) 

At the end of each week, you submit a weekly update that identifies the fruit your tree branches have produced.

Fruit = Outcomes = Health Goals Achieved, Health Vision Actualized

Season 6: Breakthroughs (1 Week) - Recognize Growth and Improvement

You identify, recognize, and share limits you have overcome and barriers you have broken.

Fruit = Outcomes = Breakthroughs Identified


Season 7: Prosperity (1 Week) - Celebrate Breakthroughs 

You attend the Awards Luncheon. You present and display the fruit produced. You are interviewed. You receive awards and recognition. 

Fruit = Outcomes = Self-Confidence Containing New Health Aspirational Seeds       

2 Actions 

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Lesson 3: Health Tree Branches

(The Health Domain Elements)

The branches of your health tree are the elements that you have selected in the health domain. Accordingly, your health tree may have many branches. Each branch is capable of producing fruit. You are free to select any elements we provide. Also, you may create new elements as you like. You must have already selected the health domain on your registration form. If you did not, review the health domain details now. Then go to the registration page and resubmit your registration form to select the health domain. Return here. Take the action below. 


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Lesson 4: Your Mindsets

Mindsets are the primary elements of the growth environment for your health tree seeds. You must plant aspirational seeds in the right mindset environment of faith, by implanting positive beliefs using health affirmations. Or the seeds will not germinate. Instead, they will wither and die.

2 Actions

Review the Mindsets Page on this website.

Submit EMAIL 1 to your Prosperity Strategist.

Subject: "Mindsets Page Review Complete"

Message: Summarize what you learned about mindsets

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Start Program 

Season 1 Overview: Aspirations Progress Period 

(Up To 1 Week)

A health aspiration is a dream in work clothes. A dream is a positive thought that lives in your awareness. Ideally, it is active daily. It is a thought of something you want to become, to achieve, to feel, to enjoy, to own, or to do as it relates to your health. Requirement:Identify a specific dream that you want to develop into an aspiration. That dream is the seed you want to sow.

You convert this dream into an aspiration by taking the first step. This is how you sow. If you have already taken the first step, that dream is already an aspiration. Your dream is starting to germinate. If you have not, now is the time to do so. Requirement:Take the first step.

You MUST develop that aspiration into a compelling burning desire in this season of aspiration. Proceed through this period at your own pace. Write. Discuss. Share, Display. Think. But, you are expected to complete it not more than 1 week.  

3 Actions

1) Upload a document 

A statement of the step(s) you have taken

Use the upload form.

2) Submit an email to your Prosperity Strategist.

Subject: "Season 1 Aspirations Complete"

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3) Recite Aspiration Affirmation Daily

​Find in Health Domain

Session 2: Clear Vision Progress Period

(Up To 2 Weeks)

Clear vision is a vivid mental image of your aspiration actualized. First, you must create the initial image in your mind.

You must continue thinking about this initial image to add details. Your vision should become more vivid. Continue thinking about it. Discuss it with your peer partner.  


Season 3: SMART Goals Progress Period

(Up To 2 Weeks) 

A SMART goal is a goal that is specific,

Season 4: Strategies Progress Period

(Up To 3 Weeks)


Season 5: Daily Actions Progress Period

(Up To 40 Weeks)

Fruit Development Period 1

Weekly Action Plans

Daily Belief Affirmations

Daily Goals To Complete 

Daily Decisions To Make

Daily Steps To Take

Daily Opportunities to Pursue

Daily Distractions To Manage

Daily Review To Reflect, Refresh, and Set Goals

Relationships To Cultivate

Lesson 10: Career Prosperity Wheel

(Season 6: Breakthroughs - 1 Week)

Lesson 11: Career Prosperity Wheel

Season 7: Prosperity -1 Week

Enjoy The Fruits of Greater Knowledge

The Knowledge Tree of Prosperity

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