Metro Area Development Strategy 

Area Companies 

Each targeted metro area has a founder who is a social entrepreneur,

The first 12 months is devoted to becoming a licensee. As a licensee the founder develops 4 vital personal assets. 

1. A passionate dream of enterprise success.

2. A comprehensive, compelling student-centered vision of             what that success look like when it is achieved.

​3. A purpose that tells the story of the students whose lives are     impacted in the vision.

​4. A personal mission that enables him or her to lead the team       of managers required to convert the vision into reality.

​Each area company founder must complete a licensee training process to receive a PWP Licensee Certification. The licensee certifications authorizes the licensee to use the properties licensed to charter PWP chapters in the territory (metro area) for the term of the licensing agreement. 


Pearls Who Prosper Career Success Club - National Vision (Learn About Our Global Vision)

We envision co-curricular high school chapters of PWP in 8 regions across the USA empowering thousands at-risk, low-income youth each year to become college-bound with millions of dollars in PWP scholarships. We envision college chapters empowering hundreds of college students to complete degree requirements on time with work life jump start plans. We envision work life chapters empowering hundreds of adults to enjoy multiple types and levels of prosperity, year after year, by using our 7 key belief wheel.    

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 National Vision

42 Metro Areas 


PWPUSA Milestone Events


Concept Approval
FebruaryBusiness Plan Approval

Certificate of Incorporation 


Organizational Meeting Board of Directors

IRS 501(c)(3)
JuneFirst scholarship fund grant
JulyHigh School Chapter Prototype
AugustSEA Mentoring Program


Career Prosperity Strategies

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 5 Year Vision  

Licensee Certification Training Process

The year 2018 is the Pearls Who Prosper launch year. It features 8 projects.


National Concept Development/Team

Business Plan

Board of Directors Formation/By-laws

Tax Exempt 501(c)(3)

First Scholarship Grant/ Seed Money Grant

First High School Chapter Launch

Chapter Prototype Development

Social Enterprise Mentoring