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​To Create Your Clear, Compelling, Comprehensive VisionMaster Vision

Career success is realizing your goals. Career prosperity is realizing your purpose. It is the alignment of the "what" of your career with the "why" of your career. It is the joy of doing what you were born to do, of becoming the person you were born to become. 


Becoming a VisionMaster 

A VisionMaster  is a person with the skills to create a clear, comprehensive and compelling career vision.


1. Clear Vision 

A clear vision contains specific images of the key components of the prosperous lifestyle you desire. A clear vision  is not vague or fuzzy. Clarity requires a striking mental picture of career prosperity in your life. Clear vision enables you to focus on what truly matters to you in your career life, and empowers you to avoid distractions that take you down the pathways of regret and despair. Clear vision empowers you to stay on course, eliminate the wasted hours and years that drain your skills and energy. 

2: Comprehensive Vision 

A comprehensive vision contains each and every SMART goal that is important to live a joyful, fulfilled life. SMART goals are specific measurable, actionable, relevant and time-based. SMART goals are aligned with your purpose, not the purpose of your company or your manager. SMART goals energize you. This enables you to pursue job and business opportunities that are right for you because they are relevant to your purpose, and to your life mission. They enable you to keep track, to measure results, which enhances your self-esteem. They provide the basis for the actions that consume your time, your skills, and your relationships. 

3: Compelling Vision 

A compelling vision is captivating and convincing. It requires focused thought and consistent action. Compelling vision empowers you to defeat the 7 enemies of prosperity: fear, doubt, circumstance, uncertainty, disappointment, misfortune, and procrastination. Compelling vision moves you daily to create strategies, design and plan actions and review and celebrate breakthroughs.

Tele-Session Schedule

Begin by scheduling a free introductory tele-session. Thereafter, schedule a 30-minute tele-session weekly to communicate AND document your progress through these 3 stages of vision development.

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Clear Vision Stage 1: Images of Prosperity  

Comprehensive Vision Stage 2: Aspirations and SMART Goals   

Compelling Vision Stage 3: Strategies, Actions, Breakthroughs, Obstacles and Enemies  


Develop The Skills To Create A  Clear, Comprehensive, Compelling Vision Of Career Prosperity