Point System  

Phase 1: Aspiration points represent the quality of the current aspirations of the pearl.

Phase 2: Vision points represent the quality of the vision of the pearl regarding those aspirations .

Phase 3: SMART goal points represent the quality of the goals the pearl has established based on the vision.

Phase 4: Strategy points represent the quality of the strategies the pearl has established to realize those goals.

Phase 5: Action points represent the quality of the actions taken to implement those strategies.

Phase 6: Breakthrough points represent the quality of the breakthroughs enjoyed based on  the actions taken.

Phase 7: Prosperity points represent the quality of the celebration based on the breakthroughs enjoyed. 

The Dashboard (Clickable)

(The multi-color 7 phases of progress in your membership year.) 

Phase 1: Aspirations through Phase 7: Prosperity.

​Click on a phase to view the individual documents you have uploaded in that phase. Each document displays the date and time you uploaded it, the points you received for that document, the total points available for that document, the rating for that document, and the status of that document: modifiable (still active), not modifiable (completed this phase) or dormant (completed in a prior phase) 

Career Prosperity Strategies

Phase Termination Dates 

The phase termination dates, displayed in each phase of the dashboard, are the dates on which no additional points may be received from scoring panels in that phase of plan development.

Online Club Member Account 

First, each pearl creates an online account by going to www.pearlswhoprosper.org

A member number is assigned which automatically creates the personal wheel for that pearl that includes the dates and arrows show here.   

The Spokes  

(The 7 white cylinders extending from the hub and projecting through the rim.) 

As you progress through each phase, each spoke notes the beginning date of a new phase and the end of the phase just ended. Phase periods are measured in days and weeks. 

7 Key Belief Wheel - A Tool To Enjoy Career Prosperity 

The Wheel is the tool that empowers you as a pearl to triumph over the 7 enemies of prosperity: doubt, fear, uncertainty, procrastination, misfortune, disappointment and circumstance.


Use this wheel to create documents describing your aspirations, vision, goals, action strategies, step-by-step actions taken, breakthroughs experienced, and the levels and types of prosperity enjoyed. Upload documents weekly to your club member account. The result is a 7-part Prosperity Plan available online, scored by and shared with fellow club members.    

4 Key Features of Your Personal Wheel

1) The Rim, 2) The Hub, 3) The Spokes and 4) The Dashboard  

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The Hub (Clickable) 

(The white circle at the center)

The termination date of your current membership is displayed.

Click on the hub to reveal each of the 7 key beliefs . 


The Rim (Clickable) 

(The black outer edge of the wheel)  


Part 1: Black Directional Arrows (7): The direction in which your wheel is constantly rotating, from progress phase 1 to phase 7, in a continuous cycle.   

Part 2: Moving Phase Point Arrows (7): These colorful arrows display the points you have received in each phase for documents you have uploaded. Each time points are received in each phase, the arrow in that phase moves clockwise along the rim. Click on an arrow to see detail (document name, document date, document points).